Branding, Graphic design, UI/UX Design, Print work

Lemondogs is a Swedish e-sports organisation that required rebranding and a new website design in 2018.


The brief for the Lemondogs logo was the evolve the previous logo into something more impactful. It needed to keep the dog concept and the yellow colouring was also important to the brand. The brief also asked for the logo to be a ‘badge’ as their current logo was hard to use in some designs.

Here you can see some of the initial drafts and jersey mockups which led to the final design.

UI Design

Here you can see the old website which had a blue and yellow colour scheme, but was also using the same design since its launch in 2012 which meant it was starting to look dated. You can also see their old branding in the top header. 

For the redesign it was decided that the project needed to focus on refreshing the website while keeping a lot of the structure for speed of launch. I also changed the colour scheme to remove the blue and go for a more modern design.