UI/UX design, graphic design, Branding, print work is an online gaming platform for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Users can use the platform to create teams for matches, or compete in CS:GO tournaments.

I joined Esportal in 2014 as a freelance designer, before moving on to Doctype full time in 2017. I continued to consult for Esportal as the lead UI/UX and Graphic Designer until May 2022

Graphic Design

I was also responsible for generating most graphic assets for Esportal.

This included:

  • UI Assets such as section logos, medals, level badges and custom icons.
  • Tournament graphics for branded tournaments
  • Streaming assets for Twitch
  • Broadcast graphics for tv screens at in-person events
  • Social media graphics for twitter, instagram and facebook
  • News thumbnails


I was also responsible for creating custom logos for Esportal events and for sections of the Esportal website such as Esportal Premium.


Esportal has evolved from a simple matchmaking website into a complex multi-function platform.

Over the course of the last few years Esportal has gone through extensive redesign in collaboration with the development team.

The main components I designed included:

  • Matchmaking – a system that matches players of the same rank for CS:GO matches. Users can do this through 3 different methods – Matchmaking, Gathers and Public Servers.
  • Tournaments and Ladders – a major part of Esportal involves partnering with brands and esport teams to host competitive tournaments. See some examples of these campaigns.
  • Ranking – users on Esportal compete to improve their ranking, win medals and gain levels.
  • User Profile and Statistics – Esportal provides extensive stats to their users to compare their performance and results.
  • Client – downloaded and used by users in order to connect to their Steam account so they can play.
Find more information about the UI/UX process for Esportal in the Case Study.