UI/UX design, graphic design, Branding

Efotboll is an online tournament platform for FIFA 2022 designed and developed by Doctype. This was an in-house project that required branding and UI/UX skills. Once the website was launched and eFotboll was running tournaments I also created all social media graphics and print works (posters, photo walls).



Efotbolls main function is to allow football clubs and brands to host tournaments easily.

The main components included:

  • Tournaments Page – this section included information, tables and tournament brackets.
  • Match Lobby – this is where players wait to enter their match.
  • Clubs – clubs were able to create a page with news, results and social media
  • User Profile
  • Backend administration panels
An example of the design files can be found here


I designed the logo for eFotboll. The brief was for the logo to be simple and recognizable. Early in the process we agreed that using the E was a good foundation for the logo branding, so I ideated around that theme until we arrived at the drafts you see here.

Here are a selection of drafts that were ultimately rejected and the final design.